HevenDrones has developed breakthrough stability technology that enables our heavy-lift and urban drones to fly in the most difficult environments while offering a highly customizable and actionable platform.

Our drone platforms are already licensed with civil aviation authorities, are proven in the field, and are capable of lifting upwards of 45kg in extreme weather conditions while flying at a speed of 90 kph for 45 minutes.

From medical supply deliver, urban logistics, and agriculture, to industrial or security use-cases, our drone platforms are ready today and can be customized to provide solutions to a wide array of challenges across many different industries.


Bentzion Levinson

Co-Founder & CEO

Bentzion has a bug for entrepreneurship and innovation. He believes that HevenDrones has the potential to be a leader in the drone industry and is humbled to lead the company to this ambitious goal.

Bentzion is an ambassador for Jolt's MBA program and is involved in a variety of non-profit organizations.


Avi Hefetz

VP Sales & Marketing

Avi has years of experience in key roles at many public organizations. He was VP of Sales & Marketing at the Israeli Rail Road Association and also served as CEO of the Israeli Ministry of Export.

Avi is bringing all of his experience to help HevenDrones become a global leader in the commercial drone industry.


Dudu Parpara

Co-Founder & CTO

Dudu has been building drones since the age of 6 and hasn't stopped for the past 40 years.

Over the past 3 years Dudu has been working on developing our drone and the IP which is at the core of our company.


Ilan Regenbaum

VP Operations

Ilan is a seasoned entrepreneur having founded a few companies. He has worked in VC, and various managment roles across the Israeli startup ecosystem, and is the founder of the Israel VC Forum.

He served as Head of the Israeli Air Force's Innovation Department where he founded the IAF Accelerator, and he lectures about innovation managment around the world.