Plug into the future of flight with Heven Drones’ hydrogen-powered drones Interview with Bentzion Levinson

Bentzion Levinson, Founder & CEO at Heven Drones, joins Builder Nation’s Podcast host Elisa Muñoz to share his experiences as a leader in the drone technology industry and the insights he has gained from his broad experience as a former commander and Stanford University Executive Leadership Alum.

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The drone technology industry is rapidly growing and has become essential to many industries. Drones have revolutionized how we approach inspection, monitoring, and surveying tasks.

Companies that provide innovative and customizable drone solutions and meet the unique needs of different industries, from defense to agriculture, logistics to emergency response, play a vital role.

One of these is Heven Drones; the company is dedicated to research and development and has reached groundbreaking advancements in drone technology. Their commitment to quality control ensures that customers receive the highest quality products and services.

This blog post will delve into the drone industry, the current state of the market, and future technologies, with a particular focus on Heven Drones.

Drone technology across the industries

Drone technology has existed for over a century, beginning with the development of radio-controlled uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) during World War I. Military utilization of drones has been ongoing for decades, with technological advancements making them more sophisticated and capable of performing complex tasks. As drones have become more affordable and accessible, they have found more comprehensive applications in various industries.

Drones have numerous applications across industries, including agriculture, construction, delivery, defense, and emergency services. They find use in crop monitoring, infrastructure inspection, search and rescue operations, and border patrol.

Remotely piloted aircraft systems consist of various components, such as the frame, motors, propellers, camera, battery, and flight controller. The frame holds all parts, while the engines and propellers provide lift and propulsion. The camera captures images and videos, and the battery powers the drone. The flight controller manages the drone’s movements and stability.

Heven Drones: creating the future of drone Technology

Bentzion Levinson shared his insights about the potential of drones in the future and the role of Heven Drones. This technology company manufactures hardware and software for autonomous and actionable drone platforms. They specialize in customizing drones for various industries and have a research team dedicated to creating drones that can lift heavier payloads and fly for extended periods.

Innovative manufacturing

Heven Drones boasts an R&D team of 25 highly skilled engineers working with clients to comprehend their unique requirements. The company produces drones in-house at its 1,000 m2 production facility in Israel, utilizing four cutting-edge production lines and expert manufacturers. With a monthly capacity to manufacture up to 200 fully customizable drones, the company also provides after-sale support. Thanks to their mastery of technology, expertise, and attention to detail, Heven Drones manufactures high-quality drones that deliver exceptional performance.

Hydrogen-powered ecosystem


Heven Drones has joined forces with Plug Power to create powerful drones capable of carrying more significant payloads for extended periods. The goal is to lay the groundwork for a hydrogen-based drone ecosystem that can perform numerous functions. To automate logistics, the company uses an innovative Advanced Container System (ACS) that blends artificial intelligence with durable drones, reducing human intervention. 


Every drone undergoes rigorous testing under varying conditions to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. Heven Drones has even developed a new control system, DMSS, that improves stability by 70% and increases Li-po battery efficiency by up to 80%, even when the drone’s center of gravity is 120% away from the midpoint.


Heven Drones FAQs

When it comes to drones, it’s natural to have many questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about Heven Drones:


  • Which kinds of drones do Heven Drones produce? Heven Drones makes customizable and versatile drones that can perform various tasks, including last-mile delivery, emergency response, and infrastructure repair. Their drones integrate with existing systems, making them ideal solutions for everyday problems.


  • Which industries are the platforms most suitable for? The drones are ideal for a defense, homeland security, agriculture, delivery, and enterprise, thanks to their high level of customizability.


  • Where are the drones produced? Drones are created in-house, in a state-of-the-art 20,000 sq. ft. production facility adjacent to their R&D and administrative offices in the North of Israel.


  • What is unique about Heven Drones? Payload, distance, customizability. The company creates customizable drones with superior stability, lifting capacities, and flight endurance, working with multiple partners to ensure their drones integrate seamlessly with customers’ existing systems.


  • What are Heven’s plans for the future? Heven Drones constantly develops drones that can lift heavier payloads for longer flight times. They will soon be testing their first hydrogen drone, a dramatic step that could alter the drone industry as we know it.