the drone

Hydrogen-powered drones with extended flight times & larger payloads

Heven Drones and Plug Power (Nasdaq: Plug)

Plug Power, a global leader in hydrogen power solutions, has joined forces with Heven Drones to create the technologies and infrastructure for the next generation of drone applications.

Our vision is to become the connecting tissue of the multipurpose, multi-mission hydrogen-based drone ecosystem. We are exploring additional opportunities to enhance this partnership to promote the hydrogen economy.

Heven Mind
Flight Control

In addition to our drone platforms, we are developing Heven Mind, an open source, platform agnostic software stack that enables autonomous flight, computer vision processing, custom payload integration & control, and flight planning when integrated into our in-house flight controller.

Our proprietary Flight Control (planned Q1 2022) is custom built to enable coordinated, intelligent and autonomous drone applications:


AI add-on

Custom payload
integration & control

Computer vision

Precision landing based
on our proprietary AI



Heavy-lift &
adaptable payloads

Drones capable of lifting hundreds of pounds for hours on end through our advanced battery management system or hydrogen fuel cells

Lifts hundreds of Ibs for hours

Drones Battery
System (DBMS)

Our patented battery management system will increase the efficiency of Li-po batteries by up to 80%.
Our hydrogen fuel-cells will enable flight times of over 2 hours with payloads over 100 pounds.

Greater stability

Heven Drones has developed a control system that contains multiple gyroscopes and supporting algorithms to significantly extend the operating boundary of stable flight. Heven’s DMSS maintains drone stability even with a center of gravity up to 120% away from the mid-point, a 70% improvement over existing control systems.